About Us

Gravox has been bringing Australian families together since 1917.

The Gravox brand was first registered in Australia in 1917. This famous brand name was derived from the combination of the words Gravy and Oxo, to become Gravox. In 1953, Cerebos (Australia) Ltd acquired the Gravox brand from Klembro Pty Ltd, the then manufacturers of boxed Gravox gravy powder.

Over the past 95 years Gravox has clearly demonstrated the brand can be classic and timeless yet also provide contemporary solutions that meet the needs of the modern family. As a result, Gravox is one of Australia’s most trusted and valuable brands.

Today, the Gravox range spans some 50 product lines from traditional gravy powder in a box, to the convenient heat and serve liquid gravy and sauces, to our very new microwavable easy pour single-serve tubs.

Gravox is currently produced by Cerebos (Australia) Limited at Seven Hills in Sydney’s west. The manufacture of Gravox employs modern production, packaging technology and strict quality control procedures. There is a dedicated Research and Development team on site, who creates new ideas and continues to provide consumers with high quality products. The company now employs over 400 Australians and has sales offices in every state.

Other brands Cerebos produces include Fountain sauces and marinades, Saxa salt and pepper, Foster Clarks custards and Snak Pack, as well as Tandaco One pan Dinners, coatings, stuffings and yeast. Cerebos is committed to the Gravox brand; our people are constantly looking for simple meal solutions and great flavours that we can offer you to make life more enjoyable! We hope you enjoy using the Gravox website, and would appreciate any questions, ideas or feedback.