Brand History

George Wendell

1894George Wendell established the original parent company, Cerebos Limited of England.

1920sKlembro Pty Ltd first registered the Gravox® trademark in Australia in 1917. This famous brand name was derived from the combination of the words Gravy and Oxo.

In 1925 Cerebos Limited of England sets up an Australian Branch to directly market their export products. The products were Cerebos Salts together with Bisto Gravy Powder. Five people were employed to execute imported product against orders.

1950sCerebos (Australia) Ltd acquired the Gravox® brand from Klembro Pty Ltd, the then manufacturer of boxed Gravox® gravy powder. Although the Gravox® trademark was registered in 1917 it did not become established nationally until World War II when Bisto was in short supply due to the prevailing import restrictions.

The original Gravox® gravy powder was manufactured from flour to which was added a selected blend of colour, flavourings and spices. The powder was prepared by mixing with water, stock or meat juices, creating tasty gravy.

Ten acres of ground at Clayton, Victoria was acquired and a factory built. This became the head office and manufacturing centre for Australia, opening in 1958. Previously this ground had been used as a market garden.

Commenced producing Bisto in Australia and Gravox® Standard Powder in 16oz tin.

1960sIn 1968, Rank Hovis McDougall, a British company with large flour milling and bread making interests acquires Cerebos (Australia) and Cerebos Foods (New Zealand).


1970Gravox® Flavoured Gravies were relaunched in 1970 as Sauces (they were repackaged and reformulated).

Manufacturing at Goodlet Street, Sydney (now the Belvior Street Theatre) ceased in 1971 and was moved to the Seven Hills site, which was opened on the 4th of March by Sir Robert Askin, the then State Premier.

Gravox® 8oz and 16oz Supreme variety was launched.

In 1977 Gravox® launched a new range of gravies and sauces under the Gravyboat brand. These products were available in a unique resealable canister pack. The product range was enthusiastically received in the market place as the only multi-use, resealable gravy mix that could be prepared instantly, simply by adding boiling water to the mix and without adding traditional pan juices.


1980sGravox® Lite was launched in 200g and 375g packs.

A series of exciting new sauce flavours were added to the canister and sachet ranges (Diane, Mushroom & Garlic, Chicken, White).


1990In 1990 Cerebos Pacific Ltd was acquired by Suntory. Suntory was first established in 1899 making port wine and has expanded its business with worldwide interests in the whisky, beer, beverages, food and food service, pharmaceuticals, horticulture products and publishing industries.

Gravox® range of casserole mixes were launched in 1992 in a variety of flavours – Beef & Mushroom, Creamy Chicken, and Lamb.

During 1999 the Gravox® UHT range was launched providing a liquid gravy and sauce product that once emptied from the pack and into a microwave safe jug could be heated for 4 mins in the microwave and then served at the table.

Early 2000s

Early 2000sIn 2001 the Gravox® range of concentrated stocks was launched in a resealable glass bottle.

2004 saw the icon brand roll out a fresh and contemporary new logo design across all ranges.

Gravox® launched 2 new ranges for 2005. Liquid Gravies and Sauces in a unique microwavable pouch. Just heat and serve in the pouch for 40 seconds. This range ultimately replaced the UHT range.

Gravox® concentrated stocks were relaunched as a straight liquid in combibloc packaging in 500m and 1 litre packs.


NowNew sauce and gravy flavours have been added to the Liquid Gravies & Sauces range. Improvements on the range include the move to a jug-shaped pouch and a Cool Touch Zone for easy pouring.